Z-PLAST is ZHONGCAI profile brand name in overseas market. Zhongcai Merchants Investment Group Co, Ltd was formed in 1995. It has 8 UPVC profile factories and one window & door plant with more than 1000 high-speed extrusion lines, 500 plastic processing machines and 3500 sets of high precise moulds with the production capacity 1000k Tons per annum.

Z-PLAST is being exported to more than 60 countries. Zhongcai Group has obtained ISO9002, ISO14001, CE, PCT quality certifications.

ZHONGCAI Profile, with inherent qualities of being GREEN, complying with HEALTH standards, low CARBON and ENERGY conservation, conforms to international obligations. With high Anti-UV extrusion and more TiO2 it results in brilliant white color to the vinyl formulation. It prevents heat buildup within the profile and protecting the window from strong solar factory.

Zhongcai ASA double-faced Co-extruded profiles are made with advanced ASA/PVC technology which enriches profile color. Color fastness guarantee is 30 year.
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